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Revive Your Ride

Collision Repair

Paul's Auto Body & Garage can file your claim, negotiate with your insurance company, and return your car to its pre-accident condition.  Our team negotiates with all insurance companies to prevent you from ending up with an unsafe or poor quality collision repair.  We will not put aftermarket or junk yard parts unless approved or requested by the customer.  We protect your rights with your auto insurance company.

Mechanical Repairs

Regardless if you hear a clunk or a clank, we will diagnose your vehicle, let you know what we determine, get your approval to repair, make necessary repairs  and be sure to show you the old parts after your repair.  We to work to save you money by using our state of the art diagnostic systems and do not just start replacing parts until it is fixed.

Restorations & Custom Body Work

We can make, modify or paint anything with a motor.  Our painting skills range from stock design to air brushed flames and almost anything you dream up.  We restore everything from classics, trucks, tuners and race cars by performing Auto Body Work the Right Way--because "Good Enough", never is.